Why a Time to Heal

From Elaine's Heart

Many women find it impossible to move forward due to unresolved pain in their lives. This happened to me after my third daughter was born. I found myself in a self-destructive pattern that I did not know why it began or how to end it. I had a strong relationship with God at this point, yet there was an area deep within that needed healing. In only a few short months I went from entrepreneur to welfare and from being very active in my church to total isolation.

I needed to stop and find a time to heal.

Finding a time to heal is not easy for women. Taking off the mask and admitting you need healing is difficult. It is not always pain that triggers the warning, but the patterns of behavior that you promise yourself you will not repeat, or the fears that you just can’t talk about, or maybe the depression that causes everything in life harder to face.

‘I Believe in Miracles’ is one of the chapters in my book. It isn’t just something I wrote; it is something I live. The love and power of God has healed me spiritually, emotionally and physically.

God Bless,


“I received more emotional healing in a two-hour ‘A Time to Heal’ group session than I did in 20 years of therapy. As a result I was physically healed that day as well.”


"I was healed of a hole in my gall bladder at 'A Time to Heal' seminar."


“As a church leader I have found that ‘A Time to Heal’ ministry has partnered well with us, as a local church, in order that we might be most effective in seeing people set free from bondage. I believe one reason for the ministry’s success has been the gift of discernment God has place within Elaine; a gift that allows her to go beyond what is seen in the natural, to pinpointing the spiritual root of presenting problems.”

Diane Pinnell
Associate Pastor,
North Burlington Baptist Church.
Burlington, ON, Canada

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