One of the greatest challenges as a working single mom is balancing motherhood, homemaking and career. Home with a Heart has taught me how to more effectively manage these roles, resulting in a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Karen Stowell
Publications Editor, Single Mother of One

When I met Elaine, my children were controlling our home and I wasn't coping at all. But because of Home with a Heart, my children and I are enjoying each other again and our home is in order and routine. My children help out now and we therefore have more time together. I am also organized with meals, housework, parenting. Home with a Heart helped me to identify a need for further computer training. Having graduated from the training, I volunteered with Home with a Heart for two months. That experience built my self-confidence and I am now employed with a great National company.

I have so much less stress in my life and all my friends say how good this program has been for me. It gives me comfort to know I can handle my home and children and although everyday there is something new to cope with and it's not always easy, thanks to Home with a Heart, I know how to bring my home and children back into order.

 Sonia Bailey
Single Mother of Four

I have been a single mother for 10 years. My three older children are on their own and one is in high school. After an episode with manic depression I went to the bottom and turned to the government for assistance. I was really depressed because I had no vision of where I was going or what I needed to be doing to figure it out.

During the Home with a Heart classes I got a clear vision for where I could start the whole process by turning to my home. By organizing my home, I felt I was organizing my life. I learned to set small attainable goals so I got a sense of reward. Since finishing the program, I know that I always have a basis to go back to if I feel overwhelmed.

I was able to accept my disability and put a plan into place that fills my day with homemaking, part-time accounting, and volunteerism in a café while recovering with a small disability pension. Now, I run my own business and want to help other women in my situation. Home with a Heart was the catalyst for all this change. 

Jacqueline Stokes 
Single Mother of Three

I immigrated from Zimbabwe. I didn't know anything about cleaning and hygiene. What I learned from Home with a Heart will last because its within. Now I can teach it to my daughter and she can pass it on when she has children.

Catherine Muyezwa
Single Mother of One

I wish I had this program years ago. It could have made the last eight years as a single mom so much better. My children ranged in age from toddler to eight years old when my husband left. I turned to the government for assistance and then took on a part time job. After an expected bout with cancer, my home was in upheaval and my confidence diminished.

I struggled to return to my part time job when I took the Home with a Heart program. I am grateful for what I have learned. Taking the steps in the program guided me to bring everything in order in the home. This in turn helped me regain my self-esteem so I was able to step out and take a home-based computer course. This led to a good full  time job and financial independence, while still maintaining my role as a mom in a way I could enjoy. I believe a moms place is in the home, but as a single mother I always struggled with fitting the two into one schedule. Now five years after finishing the program, I can say that I still am successful in following the skills I was taught.

Tracy Vanderveld 
Single Mother of Four

I loved taking Home with a Heart even though I am not a single mother. The course helped me to realize that my trouble was not me, but how I was approaching the disaster I used to call home. Every time I came to class I was able to pick up new tricks to help me out. My daughter has benefited from a much more relaxed mommy and the added bonus of knowing where her place is in the home. We are able to plan activities to spend more time with her as well. My husband has benefited by having a wife who is able to cook, clean, and manage the home. I am able to make stuff as hobbies that will help us in the home and make perfect gifts as well. Thank you so much!

Robyn Camm 


Home with a Heart has changed my life in a way I wanted it to change. I am organized, with a better perspective on the future for me and my children, lots of hope and a better self esteem, less worry and knowing that everything will all come together in the end. It works; it really does. I can see myself complete and proud and successful. Twelve weeks of time well spent.     

Cindy May Mann,  
Single Mother of Four

    I was praying for years for help in my home when I met Elaine. The fruit of Home with a Heart increases every day and has brought peace to our home. Shortly after taking the program, my marriage was restored.
Anonymous, Single Mother

    Elaine teaches a systematic, step-by step approach to managing your home, maximizing efficiency while minimizing stress. As I began to put the teachings into practice, I noticed the benefits almost immediately. Soon afterwards I had a job again that suited my skills and family.
  Anonymous,  Single Mother of Two

    I didn't think I would ever find anyone with enough compassion to help me out of my overwhelming state. I am so thankful for the help Home with a Heart gave me. Now I have a home again!   
Nienka D.,   Single Mother of One

    For years I was overwhelmed with homemaking and I didn't think there was any way out of the situation. I met Elaine and she taught me the skills to bring my house in order. The changes have brought a continuous sense of stability to our home. 
Anonymous,  Mother of Four

   Within just a few weeks of starting the program, I was so happy and enjoying my children again. My confidence was so low, I didn't feel I could do anything even though I am a college graduate.  
Joanna I., Single Mother of Two

Home with a Heart brought stability into my life when everything else was changing. 
Valinda G., Single Mother of Two

   This program is so user friendly. It helps you to become the very best you can be. Just learning
something as simple as one of the hobbies made a huge difference in my mothering as I had something to work on while watching my toddler.     
Molly Ross, Single Mother of One


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