Seminar for Women

Many women find it impossible to move forward due to unresolved pain in their lives. A Time to Heal Seminar, based on the book and now oonline course by the same name, teaches single mothers to understand some of the past hurts and self-destructive patterns that may be preventing them from taking positive steps, and how God can bring healing and restoration into their lives.

Elaine has been ministering A Time to Heal through two-hour sessions and one-day seminars since 2003. The seminars are Biblically based and help women heal spirit, soul and body. They lead women in a journey of emotional healing and freedom from spiritual and mental strongholds, as well as teach them how to walk free. As a result physical health greatly improves. Prayers for the sick are part of every seminar. See A Time to Heal Sessions for topics.

Seminar for Training Purposes

This one-day training seminar begins with instruction, followed by group and personal ministry, if desired. It is open to anyone who wants to learn more about healing for her life or to help others. A Time to Heal Training Seminar begins with instruction, followed by a ministry application. 

You will learn to:

• Discern the root of a problem
• Recognize the doorways to bondage
• Uncover the hidden enemy of The Passive Mind
• Set yourself free 
• Minister freedom to others
• Know when a person is free
• Help someone walk in freedom
• Pray for those who are physically sick
• Teach the topics in A Time to Heal book (See A Time to Heal Session for topics)

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