When I was a young single mother, I felt overwhelmed with responsibility. Therefore, I developed new routines that gave me much more time to enjoy my children, home and work. This so changed my life that I wrote a series of handbooks to benefit other women who may feel as I did. Many women, inspired to do the same through my program, are now effectively managing their homes. There are many topics in the handbooks, but the core subjects are:

  • Create more time for you & your family
  • Organize your home, cleaning & laundry
  • Reduce paper clutter & keep track of spending
  • Enjoy cooking with an easy, quick plan

Home with a Heart is easy to understand and fun to apply. It can be used for self-instruction, one-on-one mentoring or to start a Homemaking School in your area. Please see the Course Outline for full content or join a life-changing "Let's Get Organized" online course based on our CORE subjects.

I invite you to browse the website and see the different ways Home with a Heart and A Time to Heal can benefit you as a participant or Team Member. We have been operating in over 100 cities and First Nations Communities in Canada. The Story Behind Home with a Heart is free to read under Products.

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