Help One Mom

Do you have a single mom in your family, neighborhood, place of employment, or church that would benefit from the Home with a Heart program?

Can you spare a little time each week to call or visit her and coach her along? Maybe she has been on your heart for a while, but you just did not know the best way to help.

You could change a family for life. Simply purchase the Home with a Heart Set for her use in her home and if possible one for yourself so you can follow along from your home. Read Planning for Success together and then let her start applying the easy step-by-step goals with your support and encouragement to keep moving forward.

Home with a Heart was written for the mother specifically, but having someone you trust to turn to when learning something new is so helpful to any of us.

Each chapter starts with a heart-to-heart story that engages the mother in the benefits of the topic. The handbooks are full of artwork and charts to enhance the teaching.

The Home with a Heart Set not only walks the mom through the 12-weeks of learning the new routines, but also becomes a valuable on-going resource in her home.

There are many helpful hints and valuable tips that are not all needed at one time. Women go back to the cooking and financial handbooks on a regular basis and the rest of the handbooks again and again over the years as applicable or as a refresher.

Personally, I have experienced so many rewards mentoring one woman at a time. I sincerely hope the time you give to another family will be as meaningful to you.

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