Foreword in Home with a Heart Books: "Long overdue, Elaine has blended practical common-sense knowledge that, unfortunately, is not all that common, with a compassionate and loving sense of servant hood. She communicates not only how to survive, but also how to thrive, in a world that is less than kind to single mothers. Leaders and consumers who desire to be better equipped to serve and encourage this rapidly growing population of women worldwide, need to offer this program."

Pastor Bill Wilson, Founder
Metro Ministries International
Brooklyn, NY

"Home with a Heart is a perfect fit with The Salvation Army's philosophy of helping others to help themselves. It is the old fishing-line story. There is no sense in giving them the fish if we can give them the fishing rod. I hope they will not only build confidence, security and self-awareness but be better able to find a job or start their own business."

Major Gordon Armstrong
The Salvation Army
Niagara Region, Canada


"Home with a Heart could change our culture! It could change the world we live in."

Lisa Ryan
Hostess, Living the Life, CBN
Virginia Beach, VA


"Home with a Heart is a valuable program that we offer clients starting out, ones that need to start over from scratch and those that just need a refresher course. It has been an amazing tool to help our clients build the skills needed to run their homes. One client said, ‘I found homemaking overwhelming and boring, but now I have a place to start. I even got a little excited about cleaning and that seemingly small step was massive for me.’”

Carol Butler,
Executive Directore, Haldimand Pregnancy Centre
Dunville, ON


"Home with a Heart is an excellent program. It's uniqueness pertains to ensuring that single parents develop self confidence and parenting skills within the comfort of their own environment, prior to making them face all the external societal pressures. If the home foundation is solid then a mother's contribution to society is going to be more focused in the present and more influential in generations to come."

Stacey Robertson
Supervisor in Social Assistance Dept
Ontario, Canada

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