Course Outline

Home with a Heart, The Art of Homemaking



Planning for Success

Learn to:
1. Use the entire program
2. Be honest with yourself
3. Face fear of change
4. Move forward

  Organize your Household

Learn to:
1. Set an easy weekly routine
2. Organize every room
3. Clean quickly and well
4. Keep up with laundry

Finances & Paperwork

Learn to:
1. Sort out the paper clutter
2. File what is important
3. Set a budget that works
4. Keep track of your money

Cooking Made Easy

Learn to:
1. Enjoy cooking
2. Organize your meals
3. Organize your shopping
4. Save time, energy & money

Recipes Made Easy

Learn to:
1. Follow a recipe.
2. Cook the recipes in the
    Home with a Heart menus.
3. Collect recipes; not clutter.


Time For Mom

Learn to:
1. Make time for you
2. Do skin, hair, nail care
3. Simplify a wardrobe
4. Develop social skills


Learn to:
1. Desire a hobby
2. Choose a hobby
3. Create the hobbies
    in this handbook


Learn to:
1. Parent babies to teens
2. Discipline effectively
3. Enrich parenting alone
4. Train kids to help

Home Business

Learn to:
1. Evaluate your skills
2. Explore home business
3. Start a home business
4. Job search



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