Benefits to the Single Mother

» Provides practical, educational and motivational support that will strengthen her commitment to her family.
» Deepens her awareness of the needs of her children.
» Improves living conditions as the mother learns practical skills.
» Improves the mother's confidence as a woman and her general sense of well being through gaining control of her life, children and home.
» Helps a woman overcome the fear of making other changes in her life by first making positive changes in her home.
» Stimulates interest in learning that may bring new opportunities - i.e. higher income, happier lifestyle, and healthier relationships.
» Increases knowledge of available community resources.
» Brings her out of an isolated lifestyle, if she has developed this pattern
» Tangible support has a powerful effect on those feeling overwhelmed by their circumstances. It can revive motivation and hope, strengthening the mom to move ahead. This may be all a women needs to regain the confidence to go back to school, or determine to prepare for employment. It is sad but true that the structure and administration of social support often undermines confidence and hope, keeping families locked in a poverty cycle.

Benefits to the Children

» Impacts the functioning of the home - i.e. may improve money management or generate increased income leading to better supply of needs (food, clothing and other necessities).
» Provides a sense of emotional stability as the home comes into order and the children's needs are met.
» Affects the physical comforts in the home.
» Improves family relationships as many family stresses are due to a mismanaged home.
» Gives children an opportunity to grow up knowing basic life skills that will impact their future.
» Offers a child greater love, support and guidance, which impact a child's self-worth, personal motivation, and sense of hope for his future.
» Reduces the potential for destructive behaviors that result in life-changing consequences.
» Improves respect for the mother, which affects every family relationship.
» Enhances the educational environment at school and home.
» It is the love and availability of a parent that develops respect from her children, improving relationships and reducing the risk of rebellion and harmful behavior.

Benefits to the Mentor

» Creates jobs or provides a simple tool for women's ministry within a church or organization.
» Creates an opportunity to touch the lives of hurting women and children.
» Reminds the Mentor to keep her own priorities in order, which brings peace to her own home.
» Mentoring is a wonderful way to experience greater personal fulfillment. It is an opportunity to give to others.

Benefits to Society

» The demand on social assistance, family and medical can be greatly reduced if single mothers receive the necessary supports to help themselves become employable.
» Reduces the possibility of juvenile delinquency. While we would be wrong to say single parenting is the only cause, statistics do support the direct link between home life and juvenile delinquency. Therefore, Home with a Heart's mission can directly affect both juvenile delinquency and adult crime rates.

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