About Elaine

Because of my own story, I desire to extend a hand of compassion and direction to both hurting women and children who are living in a single parent home. 

I have three grown daughters, Amy, Natalie and Laura, whom I parented alone from diapers to graduation.

One night when I was a young single mom, I was feeling really overwhelmed with responsibility. I started to cry, and as the tears slowly ran down my cheeks, I quietly said, "Please God, help me." In looking back, I was not sure what I even needed. However, during the following weeks, I began to develop some unique routines that gave me more time to enjoy my children, home and work. They made my life so much easier that I believe these ideas were the answer to my prayer that evening.

Seeing the positive effect these had on my home and the other moms I shared them with, I then turned my ideas into a series of handbooks and now online courses. Many women have been inspired by my programs and are now effectively managing their homes - and enjoying life too.

But later, I needed a season of healing. A Time to Heal was birthed from a painful place in my life that God touched deeply. Once again, I shared with other women what I learned and, like a ripple effect, home upon home is being transformed through the love of God.

I graduated from London Teacher’s College and taught for a few years at the elementary level in Niagara-on-the-Lake. My volunteer teaching experience includes Sunday school, Big Sisters, Young Life of Canada and Accelerated Christian Education. 

After I became a single parent, I originally supported my children through daycare, real estate and the ownership of two ladies consignment stores. Now I advocate home business for women. This lets them fulfill their primary responsibilities with children and household, while also earning a living.

However, during a very difficult time in my life, just before my third daughter was born, I humbly needed to turn to social assistance to help me financially. With that experience and through my programs, I have helped many women move from welfare to employment.

As well, I am a licensed pastor with Global Christian Ministerial Forum, and presently run a home church in Port Colborne, ON.


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