About Elaine

Elaine Bond has single parented her three beautiful daughters Amy, Natalie and Laura from diapers to graduation. When Elaine was a young single mother, she was feeling overwhelmed with responsibillty. Therefore, she developed routines to give her much more time to enjoy her children, home and work. Seeing the positive effect they had on her home and the other moms she shared them with, Elaine later turned her ideas into a series of handbooks and now online courses.

Many women have been inspired by Elaine's programs and are now effectively managing their homes - and enjoying it.

Regardless of many difficult circumstances, Elaine’s heart is always for her home. She continuously imparts this love to other women through writing and teaching. She has authored, published and founded the homemaking program called Home with a Heart, The Art of Homemaking presently run by several Christian organizationsA Time to Heal book and seminar for single mothers, and authored A Time to Pray published by Creation House. Her latest book is called Toxic Persuaion - her journey out of abuse.

Elaine graduated from London Teacher’s College and is now using her teaching gift to teach Home with a Heart. Elaine had formal teaching experience in Public Schools at the elementary level in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Her volunteer teaching experience includes Sunday school, Big Sisters, Young Life of Canada and Accelerated Christian Education.  She is a licensed pastor with Global Christian Ministerial Forum, and presently runs a home church in Port Colborne, ON.

Having originally supported her children outside the home through daycare, real estate and the ownership of a ladies consignment stores, Elaine now advocates home business for women. This lets them fulfill their primary responsibilities with children and household, while also earning a living.

Because of her own story, Elaine desires to extend a hand of compassion and direction to both hurting women and children who are struggling in a fatherless home.

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